The way public affairs and communications work, nowadays, is fundamentally affected by disruptive innovation.

We, at effectus never seize to keep pace with the latest trends and developments in our sector.

Genuinely believing in the multiplier effect of synergies, we team up with best-in-class complimentary firms, seeking to provide top-level services to our clients.

Empowering Conferences & Events

Conferences and events may provide an excellent tool for setting the policy agenda and discussing potential solutions. We make sure our clients’ conferences and events match their objectives and do have an impact, even after the event itself.

In partnering with Scenarios4Summits, a global leader in the development and execution of highly-engaging live events, we bring conferences and events to a brand new level. We translate content into high quality visuals which, used during our revolutionary interactive discussion methods, remarkably foster participant engagement, thus creating a unique setting for communicating our clients’ positions, shaping the debate and advocating for change.

Redefining Crisis Communications Training

Successfully surviving a crisis and protecting your firm’s reputation may be of paramount importance, but it is certainly not a piece of cake when stakes are high and the clock is ticking down.

By once more joining forces with crisis training pioneer Scenarios4Summits, we go beyond boring scenarios booklets, using the immersive power of visuals to design and execute high-engagement role playing crisis games which prepare our clients’ teams to effectively deal with even the most complex real-world communications challenges.