Experience is Knowledge 

With prized careers and over 35 years of combined experience in government and the private sector, we provide our clients with a thorough understanding of the culture and complexities of the Greek political, business and media worlds.

We know what it takes to get things done.


Strong Network

People make the world go round.

That is why we consistently invest time and energy in cultivating and expanding our strong network of relationships and the rock-solid credibility we have earned among key decision makers and influencers in the worlds of politics, business and the media.

Authentic relationships -not just contacts- is where we begin.


Partners Served by Partners

We view our clients as partners, based on trust.

Rather than hands-off, limited liability consultants, we work alongside our clients with dedication and confidentiality.

Always on a partner-level, we act as a sounding board and an extended arm of our clients’ in-house teams.

We know that trust is a two-way street and it starts with us.


Results; Not Promises

Tangible results and measurable returns -not empty promises- are our standard.

We work seamlessly to get our clients’ message across to those who matter.
We never settle for a no, or stop before a closed door.

We deliver top-level services, tailored to meet specific client needs, on time. Every time.


Global Footprint

Being a proud member of the Dentons Global Advisors, the largest worldwide network of independent public affairs and government relations firms covering 70 markets, we can boast cutting-edge knowhow, as well as a global client service capability.

The effective representation of Greek firms’ and industry associations’ interests across the globe is now just one phone call away.



We believe we are responsible to both our clients, whose reputation is linked to our conduct, as well as to the community.

Thus, confidentiality and transparency are our guiding principles.



Partner-owned and proudly cross-partisan, we have no dependencies whatsoever when advancing the interests of our clients.