Rollerdeck Associates present at the 4th Annual Interel Global Public Affairs Summit

As a proud member of the Interel Global Partnership, Rollerdeck Associates was actively present at the 4th Annual Interel Global Affairs Summit which took place  in Brussels, June 8-9.

The Summit was attended by both representatives of best-in-class public affairs agencies covering more than 50 countries, as well as in-house public affairs professionals from leading multinationals, including Expedia, Nike, Alibaba Group, Gilead Sciences, Sony, Coca Cola, Red Bull, etc.

This year’s Summit focused on how public affairs professionals can help businesses to take a strategic view of the dramatically shifting international political context, mitigate risk and exploit opportunities.

Complimenting the dialogue, Interel also presented the findings of its 4th Global Public Affairs Survey, demonstrating -among other things- that during the course of last year’s public affairs experts have been helping businesses avoid significant political and public policy threats, as well as making a measurable difference in the operating environment.

Rollerdeck Associates’ Managing Partner Ioannis A. Kofinis commented: “Amidst tectonic political and regulatory developments around the globe, public affairs professionals have a critical role to play in helping businesses decipher these changes, as well as advise and support them in handling upcoming challenges in a proactive and innovative way, to secure corporate interests and maximize returns. It was really rejuvenating to exchange thoughts and best practices with so many seasoned professionals and jointly explore how to better make the case for the strategic value of public affairs as a business-critical function”.