Rollerdeck Associates presents post-crisis investment opportunities in Greece in an Executive Briefing session held in Washington D.C.

Rollerdeck Associates Managing Partner Mr. Ioannis Kofinis was the keynote speaker in a closed Executive Briefing Breakfast, held in Washington D.C. on November 14th 2019, to present the emerging perspectives and investment opportunities in Greece in the post-crisis era. 

The session was organized by Interel Global Partnership (IGP), the world’s largest network of independent public affairs and government relations firms managed centrally by Interel from its offices in Washington, Brussels, and Beijing. 

Mr. Kofinis presented “The New Greece” in a timely discussion on the political and economic developments in Greece, and elucidated the current status, challenges and investment opportunities for U.S. firms. 

Following almost a decade of economic crisis and despite the challenging geopolitical environment in South Eastern Mediterranean, Greece is returning to growth. I was really pleased to receive IGP’s invitation to present in Washington D.C. the post-crisis investment opportunities in Greece. I would like to thank Interel and Mr. Jason C. Jarrell, Managing Partner US & Global Practice, Head of the Interel Global Partnership (IGP) for this great opportunity”, said Rollerdeck Associates’ Managing Partner Mr. Ioannis Kofinis.