Zacharias Loudaros

Senior Associate

Zacharias breathes content.

He has been combining, for over 30 years, the experience in the media sector – print and digital, with the passion of a storyteller, skilled to strike the balance between creativity and analysis with metrics; he always successfully conveys the right message to the right audience.

Zacharias has created Prime-minister, Minister, Members of the Parliament and leading corporations’ CEO – level content on speeches, articles, interviews, talking points and sound bites for TV use.

During the last 10 years, he has perfected his specialization on digital communications. In particular, he oversaw the original and high-level content creation and publishing for one of the top 100 News sites.

He has acted – in parallel – as the Head of Content on marketing for major companies, such as DEPA (ΔΕΠΑ), PPC (ΔΕΗ), Olympia Odos (Ολυμπία Οδός) and Eurobank.

His passion for New Media has led him to the co- foundation of i-Dialogue, a non-for-profit company with a mission on effective digital communications for SMEs.